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Tips on how to get the lowest airfare


  • Begin travel on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday and stay overnight on a Saturday.


  • Many airlines have RED-EYE flights which depart late in the evening or early in the morning. Ask for these special flights when calling the reservation department. Most of these flights will return to their hub-station, so they can reduce airfares by as much as 25%.


  • Avoid departing on Fri-Sat-Sun and Mondays. Airfares could be 25% - 50% higher on these popular days.


  • Even if you are traveling one-way check to see if it's cheaper to purchase a round-trip ticket. Most airlines will charge more on a one-way reservation.


  • Booking flights with a 21-day advance purchase will usually get the lowest air fares.


  • Tickets with less than a 7-days advanced purchase will cost as much as $900 or more, because it is considered a last minute reservation.


  • Make holiday reservation 6-months in advance, but be sure of travel dates. Changing travel dates can be very costly.


  • Bidding for airfares? Unless you know the current market, it could turn out to be going once..twice..gotcha!

Below are some useful tips when searching for the lowest airfare. Please keep in mind you’re your own Travel Agent when making reservations online, so we thought you would need a little lesson in Travel 101.

Stay over a Saturday night

When searching for the lowest fare, staying over a Saturday night will usually provide the cheapest rate.  This is not always the case in all markets, but is a requirement on most fares. Just remember that if you are provided with an unusually high quote, check your dates and make you have meet the Saturday night stay requirement.

Book in advance

Depending on the cities you are traveling to and from, the advance purchase rule will vary. In general, most airlines require at least a 14 day advance purchase for the lowest fare. In some markets it can be as little as 3 days all the way to 21 days. Making travel arrangements with less than 7 days advance purchase will, in most cases, provide the highest coach fare in that particular routing. If you are flexible, alter your travel dates until you find the lowest fare available.

Price will vary depending on the number of seats available

As the plane fills up with passengers, the rates will increase. If you have met some of the general requirements noted so far, then you may need to alter your travel dates for the lowest fare.  Please keep in mind that weekend and holiday travel are the busiest times to travel.  The day before and the Sunday following a holiday are the most requested times as well as travel on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year.  

Travel on one airline

When selecting your travel arrangements, please use the same airline for your departure and return flights. Sometimes this is not always possible because one airline may not service your departure and destination city. In this case, our reservation will search for the lowest rates whether on one airline or three. When traveling over seas, you may not always be able to travel on the same airline.

Days of the week

Traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays are typically the cheapest days to travel. If you are flexible in your travel dates you might try altering your dates to meet these days, this is not always the case.


Everyone knows that Holidays are busy times of the year and is the same case when traveling by air. If possible, avoid traveling the day before and the Sunday following a major holiday. Traveling on the actual holiday (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) are usually available.  If you are planning on traveling for the holidays, the best thing to do is book your travel in advance. Some of the most popular destinations during holidays are Florida, California, Hawaii, New York, and Mexico.


Just like holidays, there are destinations that many people prefer to travel to during particular seasons. Summer is considered peak travel times for Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe. These destinations are likely to average a higher airfare then if you traveled during the fall or winter. Many people we hear from will say, "I just traveled to Europe in October and only paid $300.00, why is it $700.00 now?" Airlines realize that during certain times of the year more people are flying to certain destinations, knowing this they will increase prices.


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