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About E-Tickets

By now, e-tickets are a common feature of the air traveler's experience. Almost every transaction with will result in an e-ticket, some carriers do not participate with this ticketing method and in that case paper tickets will be sent. Still, if you don't know all there is to know about e-tickets, here's a quick primer:

It's a fairly simple concept: instead of receiving a paper ticket in the mail, you simply get a confirmation number that guarantees your seat on the plane, every passenger will also receive an email providing them with the details of their reservation, pricing, and important statements that needs to convey to the passenger.

Be aware that the FAA has introduced new regulations which only allow ticketed passengers beyond security checkpoints. So if you have one, be sure to bring your printed receipt with you, along with any ticket documentation has provided such as reservation confirmations. It is also extremely important that you bring various forms of identification. Make sure that one of them is a government-issued ID. If you have an international flight, be sure to have your passport handy.

Although the majority of airlines require the same type of information from e-ticketed passengers, please keep in mind that certain airlines might have varying guidelines. Hence, always remember to pick up the phone before you hop in that shuttle or catch that cab. It could make the difference on whether you'll be allowed to fly or not.

Are E-tickets safe?

E-tickets are very safe provided you have taken the necessary steps.  It is very important that you print your confirmation after purchasing your ticket online. That little slip of paper, along with various forms of proper identification, could mean the difference between whether or not you'll be allowed to board your flight.

Another very significant factor is being on time. Due to increased security measures, the earlier you are, the better! E-ticket holders should arrive at least two hours before domestic flights, and three hours before international flights.
Why would I want an E-Ticket?

When you're in a rush, if you buy your tickets very close to your travel date, if you plan on making any changes to your reservation, or you have a tendency to misplace your airline tickets are all very good reasons for using E-tickets. 

While traveling on that long awaited family vacation you decide that you would prefer to change your current reservation.  With paper tickets you will be required to mail the tickets back to our agency to have them physically changed vs. with electronic tickets your change can be done with a five-minute phone call.

Have you misplaced your tickets before or are you traveling somewhere that if you lost your ticket you would have no way home?  Well with paper ticket the minimum fee to file a lost ticket application is $100 plus the airline you are traveling on may require you to purchase another ticket at the same price.  If after 90 days the lost ticket has not been used they will issue a refund for the second ticket.  With electronic tickets there is nothing to lose.

The Upside

E-Tickets are Convenient: Late Bookings are Easy; Make a phone call, get your confirmation faxed to you or print it out from online, and it's over. No worrying about the ticket arriving in the mail. You can easily purchase tickets for other people in disparate locations, just make sure you get them the official confirmation printout. For late purchases, there's absolutely minimum hassle; no scurry to the local ticket office. Online booking can be even more convenient, as addressed below.

E-Ticket Kiosks
Another advantage to getting an e-ticket is being able to use new self-service kiosks provided at many airports. Rather than waiting in line at check-in, you can insert your credit card and get your boarding pass from these new automated machines. You will be given a receipt, which you should carry with you; but you will still need to show valid identification before boarding the plane.

Because they are a fairly recent development, you'll often find that not many travelers are unaware of them, so they can be a great way to save time! But also due to their novelty, you won't find them at every airport -- just the busier ones. In addition, they are currently only for use on domestic flights. 


- You must present a government-issued picture ID, your passport if traveling internationally, and your printed receipt or confirmation at check-in.

- With some e-tickets bought directly from the airline, you need to present the credit card with which you bought the ticket. This varies according to each airline. Be sure to inquire at the time of reservation.

- Problems and flight or airline changes will be greatly facilitated if you just remember to bring a copy of your reservation with you.

- It is recommended that you respect check-in times, and arrive at check-in at least two-three hours prior to departure.

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